Publication ethics

The activity of the Editorial Board is aimed at maintaining a high scientific and scientific-practical level of the journal "Suicidology". When selecting and accepting articles submitted to the editors, as well as organizing the publishing policy, the Editors follow the ethical standards and quality standards of publications adopted in the scientific community.


 When developing the guidelines used at all stages of the editorial and publishing process, the Editorial Board follows the recommendations of the 

- COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics,

- the European Association of Scientific Editors -,

- Regulations Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (,

- Editorial Policy Statements (,

- Declaration of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers on the Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications (Moscow, 2016),

- and also takes into account work experience s domestic and foreign professional communities, scientific organizations and editorial boards of periodicals.

 As a recommendation, it uses the Singapore Research Integrity Statement (2010)



  1. The main task of the journal is the most complete and reliable coverage of modern achievements in the field of suicidology and suicide prevention.
  2. The priority is also the educational function - the requirement for the authors to provide the fullest coverage of the topic discussed in the publication with the involvement of domestic and foreign literature and the opinions of various specialists.
  3. Considering suicidology as a multidisciplinary field of knowledge, the editorial activity is aimed at a wider involvement of authors - specialists in the field of humanitarian (psychology, sociology, cultural studies, history, ethnography, etc.), medical (psychiatry, mental hygiene, forensic medicine, rehabilitation, etc.), biological (genetics, epigenetics, biological neurosciences, etc.) and other related sciences.
  4. The editors accept for consideration all incoming manuscripts on the profile topic.
  5. The fundamental principles of selection of works is their scientific novelty, originality, objectivity, transparency and scientific value.
  6. All works are reviewed by experts in their field of knowledge - taking into account the nature and scope of the work under review.
  7. Publications are accepted for publication that have been reviewed and received positive reviews from reviewers.
  8. Not allowed to publish the work, which contain materials contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation and not allowed for publication in the open press.
  9. The editors may not share the opinion of the authors of the published works, but when receiving positive opinions from reviewers, this cannot be considered as a reason for refusing to publish.
  10. The editors believe that adherence to ethical principles and norms is a condition for all professionals involved in the publication of materials.
  11. The editors reserve the right of scientific editing, abbreviation and literary editing of the text, as well as the rejection of the work due to non-compliance with the requirements of the journal.
  12. The editors believe that the transfer of the article by the author for publication in the journal implies his consent to the right to partially or fully publish the published materials and contact information on the website of the journal, in Russian and foreign Internet resources, as well as organizations providing indexation of published works and the journal.
  13. The editors do not accept responsibility for violation of copyright and financial rights that occurred through the fault of the authors of the submitted materials.
  14. At a reprint of materials reference to the magazine is required.