The Suicidology Editorial Board accepts contributions in the form of original articles, reviews, case reports, lectures, book review etc. Topics of interest include:

  1. General and applied suicidology.
  2. Aggression (auto and heteroaggression and related topics).
  3. Psychology, ethnopsychology, psychpathology of suicidal behaviour and aggression.
  4. Prevention and behavioural correction methods.
  5. Social, sociological and legal aspects of the suicidal behaviour.
  6. Pedagogics and aggressive behaviour / suicide.
  7. History of suicidology.
  8. Other interdisciplinary topics.

Rules of submission and manuscript preparation:


  1. Manuscripts can be submitted in Russian or English
  2. The manuscripts are provided in electronic and printed forms (1 copy). The hard copy must be signed by all authors.
  3. The Suicidology journal is included into the Russian Science Index and Web of Science (ESCI). By that reason the e-version of the journal is to be published on elibrary.ru and other electronic bases. By submitting manuscripts authors are meant to agree that accepted contributions and corresponding author’s contact information will be available on-line on elibrary.ru and other sites that host the on-line version of the journal.
  4. The title page of the manuscript must include each author’s full name, title, degree and affiliation (with postal address), contact phone number and email.
  5. The DOI should be placed before the article title.
  6. The manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman 14, with 1,5 line spacing and 2 cm margins. Each paragraph must be indented with the paragraph indent (not a “space” or “tab” character). The decimals should be separated by a coma (not a dot). The length of the articles should not exceed 24 pages (30 pages for reviews).
  7. The manuscript layout should include: title, author full name and affiliations, abstract and keywords (in Russian and English), introduction, the aim of the research, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions or summary, references. A different manuscript structure is possible but must be approved by the editorial board.
  8. The article resume should include an abstract (250-300 words) and keywords. The abstract provides a brief description of the work and contains: purpose, materials and methods, results and conclusions. The abstract should only provide significant facts and may include numerical indicators and brief conclusions.
    The title, author information, abstract and key words must be provided both in Russian and English.
  9. Besides commonly accepted abbreviations (units and common terms) the authors are allowed to use custom abbreviations of frequently used long terms in the article. All custom abbreviations must be explained by the author when first introduced in the body of the text. Basic terms, even if frequently used, should not be abbreviated.
  10. All tables must be drawn in Word format with solid lines and should be reasonably compact. All tables must contain a title and number. Tables are placed in the text flow.
  11. All figures and graphs are drawn in Excel and should have titles, numbers, and clearly designated categories. Figures and graphs are placed in the text flow.
  12. Citations are given as numbers in square brackets in accordance with the citation list provided in the end of the manuscript. The references are numbered based on their order of the appearance in the text. All non-Russian author names should be provided in their original spelling. Each reference should include the following:
       a) Books – author’s last name and initials, full title, city (where published), publisher’s name, publication year and number of pages.
        b) Journal articles – author’s last name and initials (no more than 3 authors), article title, journal name, year of publication, volume, page numbers (from – to).
        с) Dissertations – author’s last name and initials, full title, type of dissertation, place of publishing, year and number of pages.
  13. All pharmaceuticals should be referred to using their international names and should be spelled without capitalization. Trade (marketing) names are capitalized.
  14. All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review. The editorial board reserves the right to conduct technical/scientific editing and spelling/grammar corrections. The manuscripts may be rejected based on the failure to comply with the requirements and the scope of the journal.
  15. In the case of manuscript rejection the authors will be notified. The manuscripts will not be returned.
  16. The journal is not responsible for copyright or financial right violations conducted by the submitting authors.

Manuscripts are sent via post to the following address:

625051, 81a – 201 30 let Pobedy Str., Tyumen, Russia, Journal “Suicidology”

Е-mail: note72@yandex.ru